Simple & secure steps to
buying & selling funds

It’s really easy to buy and sell funds here at Trustnet Direct. Simply search for the fund
you want to invest in, using the fund filter, select from the Trustnet Direct Top 100 list
or by choosing our diversified packaged selections & model portfolios.


Golden Rules

  1. By clicking on the ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ buttons, you are adding the fund to your basket and are making no commitment until the next steps of the process.
  2. If you are buying, make sure you have enough money in your investment account prior to making the transaction.
  3. It costs just £10 to buy or sell a fund. A unit trust/OEIC is daily priced so when you place an order, it will appear in your portfolio around 48 hours later at that price.
  4. Investment trusts and ETFs are UK equities so, although they behave like a fund, you buy and sell them like a share. Pressing buy/sell means you are agreeing to trade at that moments price and are given a 15 second countdown to secure that quote. These transactions will appear in your portfolio within a few minutes.
  5. If you are selling one fund to buy another, you will need to wait for that transaction to clear and cash to be deposited into your account to acquire your new fund units. This usually takes 24 hours, unless the fund is priced weekly.

Unique Tools

We have an entire suite of unique tools to help you find the right investments for you.
Explore the many choices in the boxes below & add them to your portfolio.


The Basket

As you add funds to your basket you can check on your progress. You can leave investments in your basket for days and weeks if you so choose or delete them. Accessing your basket (from the top navigation) allows you to view the investments you have chosen. You can then select whether you wish to buy or sell your chosen investment (although if you don’t already own a fund or share, you can’t sell it!)

Account Types & Security

Three choices of account

Once you have selected what you want to buy/sell, you’ll need to select which part of your account you wish to add the investment to. There are three choices (assuming you have activated your SIPP account): the ISA account, the General Investment Account (GIA) or your SIPP

All accounts are secure

Your security is our most pressing concern. To ensure only you can access your investment account, we ask you to enter key elements on your Account PIN at this point

Proceed to checkout & place your order

A single transaction

Pressing the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button takes you to the final screen where you can check over your investment, enter the amount you wish to buy or sell and then press the ‘Place Order’ button.

You also need to confirm you have read the Key Features Document for this fund.

...or place many orders

Multiple transactions

If you wish to buy several funds in one go, no problem, as long as they are going into one area of your account (e.g. the ISA). You can then process the orders sequentially like so. If you wish to add some investments into your SIPP, ISA and/or GIA accounts at the same time, you need to return to your basket and allocate investments to each part of your account separately.

Et voila!

You should be able to buy or sell a fund in just three clicks (OK, a few more clicks if you’re buying a few funds) and on returning to your portfolio you should see an “Order Pending” status. Your new acquisitions should appear in your portfolio within 48 hours, often the next day.

Investment Trusts & ETFs

Although investment trusts and ETFs behave like funds they are actually traded as shares.

Easily filter through over 2,000 funds, view the Top 100,
select a winning manager & much more...

Link to any of the tools below and register to save your findings in your own interactive Trustnet Direct portfolio.

Fund Filter

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fast, from our
huge fund range.


Model Portfolios
Mapped Out Solutions

  • School Fees
  • Mortgage
  • Retirement
  • ISA Saver
  • Accumulator
  • Consolidator
  • Income
  • Generator

Trustnet Direct
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Portfolio Power


Don’t read about it – have a go.

We’ve set up a demo portfolio
for you to play around with


The Virtual Portfolio allows you to monitor and analyse your investments and input real cash amounts and purchase/sale dates to synthesise real holdings

You do not need to actually
hold your investments with us –
although naturally, we hope
you will do soon!