How’s my money doing?

If you’ve invested in funds and/or shares from different places over the years, now’s the time to get them into one place so you can see how they’re doing in our portfolio service. Please note: you need to register to use our portfolio and be an account-holder to gain full access.

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Portfolio Summary

Your portfolio summary provides an intelligent "dashboard" of how your investments are performing as a whole as a well as individually.

The summary shows you a chart of the performance of your portfolio benchmarked against the FTSE 100, news on your holdings, the overall current value of your investments, as well as the individual performance and profit & loss of your holdings.

Health Check

The crown jewel in the Trustnet Direct service is the Fund Health Check application, which allows investment account holders to rate their holdings against a complex algorithm, which assesses whether there are better investments out there.

It is designed to single out consistently poorly performing investments and then creates a shortlist of potential replacements for you to choose from. This service only works for unit trusts and OEICs. You do need open an account to use this application.

Asset Allocation

It’s always useful, particularly when investing in funds, to see how diversified your portfolio is in order to spread risk across different companies, asset classes and geographical regions (ensure ‘all your eggs aren’t in one basket’).

This feature allows you to take a look under the bonnet of your investments and see which companies, sectors, asset classes and regions your money is ultimately invested in. You can then see if your investments are diversified or not.

Risk Exposure

Unique to Trustnet Direct is the capability to rate all investments with an individual risk score, so you can see the spectrum of the risk you are taking against your individual holdings.

We classify cash as having a 0 score and the FTSE 100 index as a score of 100, giving you a perspective on how risky each investment is. By clicking on the risk score ‘lozenge’, you can see a graph of risk history.

What’s Performing

This feature clearly points out the performance of each individual investment over different time periods so you can see what holdings are doing well and which ones have been letting the side down.

The information is provided in a straightforward bar chart format and ordered by performance with an option to view by asset class too (e.g. funds, shares).

Add Alerts

We appreciate you’re busy and don’t necessarily want to spend your time managing your investments, so the great thing about Trustnet Direct is that you don’t need to.

Set up alerts with certain parameters and we’ll let you know if anything has changed on the site and by email if you wish. So, if one of your investments has risen or fallen by, say 10% (you decide the parameters), or anything else significant occurs; we’ll let you know.

Performance Charts

This portfolio feature is particularly popular with our ‘rocket scientist’ investors. It allows you to see charts of how your portfolio is performing over different time periods, overlay individual investments and add new investments into the same chart.

You can therefore spot the star performers and the holdings that might be holding your portfolio back as well as see how new investments might contribute to your future wealth.

My Portfolio News

We reckon that you don’t have the time to watch your investments all the time, which is why we provide a service to capture the news-flow relevant to the investments you hold and list them in the news box of your portfolio.

When you visit, you can read this news and make sure your investments are behaving themselves as you’d hoped. We also offer an alerts service that complements this feature.

Start using our portfolio tools today

Start by test driving a demo portfolio that’s already been setup for you, or register and start using the Watchlist and Virtual Portfolio for your chosen funds and shares. To use these great tools with your live investments, open an account and easily transfer to Trustnet Direct today.


The Trustnet Direct Watchlist allows you to monitor unit trusts/OEICs, investment trusts, UK-listed shares and ETFs without having to enter an investment amount or when you bought that holding.

It is ideally suited for monitoring investments you may be interested in purchasing in the future.


The Virtual Portfolio allows you to monitor and analyse your investments and input real cash amounts and purchase/sale dates to synthesise real holdings

You do not need to actually
hold your investments with us –
although naturally, we hope
you will do soon!


Once you open an account, you can use all the portfolio applications listed above. We believe it is the most complete portfolio service available to UK investors and allows both novice and expert investor alike to monitor and manage their investments better than ever before.


Don’t read about it – have a go.

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