All your investments in one place

Here at Trustnet Direct, we offer a stocks & shares ISA as part of your overall Trustnet Direct Investment Account (together with a SIPP and a General Investment Account). The Trustnet Direct ISA account gives you full access to our extensive financial research, investment tools and interactive portfolio.

A Low Cost ISA

We take a long-term view on pricing so as
your investments grow, your charges don’t.
We charge just 0.25% per annum platform
fee, but cap this charge at £200 per annum
and this charge is guaranteed not to rise
until 2017 at the very earliest.

On-going Value

There are expensive platforms with great tools and research and cheap platforms with little to help investors. We believe we have built an easy to use, but high quality service and combined it with fair, low-cost pricing.

That’s why we’re the premium investment platform without the premium price-tag.

Market Leading Tools

Trustnet Direct is powered by FE, the
leading funds and market data platform,
giving you access to class leading
research, analysis and commentary. Open
a Trustnet Direct ISA and you'll also have
access to our Portfolio Healthcheck tool
and demo portfolios.

"... I have picked Trustnet Direct as the platform that today does the best job in sharing fund information with clients – lovely and clear information..."

Holly Mackay –

8th December 2014