Trustnet Direct Junior ISA:
Investing in your child's future

Wrap your funds and shares in a tax-efficient Junior ISA, up to an annual limit of £4080 this tax year.

Investment Junior ISA

Give your child a real head-start to their adult life

Adult Life

The Trustnet Direct Junior ISA is a great way to invest in your child’s future. Invest up to £4,080 per year tax-efficiently, building a nest egg for your children once they reach 18, to soften the blow of University living-costs, a first car or a deposit for their first home.

Your Junior ISA account is included as part of you single Investment Account and shares the same fee structure. There are no additional charges for your Junior ISA, but you will pay the platform fee based on the value of your overall holdings, including investments held in the Junior ISA at a rate of 0.25%, capped at £200 per annum. So, if you had £30,000 in your GIA, £40,000 in your SIPP, £20,000 in your ISA and £4,080 in your Junior ISA, you would be charged 0.25% per annum on the overall total of your account – in this case £89,000. This would be a £222.50 per annum platform fee, but it would be capped at just £200 per annum. Please note that any share or fund transaction charges are in addition to the platform fee and are £10 per transaction or £2 per month for regular investments.

You can invest in funds and shares with a lump sum or setup a regular investment on a monthly basis, or pick one of our model portfolios or goal based selections.

Key Details
  1. Clients who hold a Junior ISA on behalf of a child must be their parent or guardian.
  2. You need to open a separate JISA for each of your children, as, on maturity at 18 years of age, ownership of the fund will pass to each child.
  3. A Junior ISA account will mature to a full Adult ISA on child’s 18th birthday; customers are unable to withdraw funds prior to account maturity.
  4. Clients born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 that qualified for a Child Trust Fund are ineligible to open a Junior ISA.
  5. We will charge 0.25% per annum on the value of your investment, capped at £200 and your Junior ISA fee will be calculated as part of your overall account value (including SIPP, ISA and General Investment Account).
How to activate your Junior ISA:

Step 1 – sign into your account


Step 2 – Go to your Account Admin Section


Step 3 – Select "Add SIPP/ISA/JISA" as circled below


Step 4 – Select Junior ISA for the list of accounts to activate

Select Junior JISA

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