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The state pension provides a subsistence income and no more. It’s now up to you to understand how much money you’ll need in retirement and for how long. Here, you’ll find planners, a detailed guide and other resources to help you plan for a successful retirement, assistance to help you make the right choices at retirement and ideas for you in retirement.

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During Retirement


See how long your money will last in retirement


Discover our investing options and how to build
your retirement portfolio in 5 easy steps

Set your goal, then track it

Keep an eye on your new retirement portfolio with our 'Goal Tracker' tool.

One of the many tools available when you open a Trustnet Direct account

During Retirement Planner

Enter your details to refine your target and see how to reach it.

Your age now

Existing pension pot £

Your monthly drawdown £

Set your portfolio growth parameters (e.g between 3% and 7%)

0% 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 11% 12%

Age at which your pension pot will run out

Lower rate 3%
Middle rate 5%
Upper rate 8%


For your pension pot to last until you are 90:

Drawdown per month
at 6%

We’ve provided this calculator to help you assess the impact of some of these factors, but it doesn’t take into account all of them or your personal circumstances. The results are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only, based on the assumptions shown above: they are not, and should not be regarded as, personal advice. If you’re in doubt as to the impact of these and others factors on how long your pension will last, you should seek independent financial advice.

Market conditions could alter the outcome. Past performance does not predict future performance.

Inflation is taken into account at 2%pa and platform fees are included. The platform fees are based on the Trustnet Direct platform fees of 0.25%pa, capped at £200pa with a minimum fee of £20pa

Now choose your investment options to achieve your target

Investing options for your target

Based on your inputs from the previous section,
for your pension pot to last until you are 90:

Drawdown per month
at 6%

Achieve your goal in 5 easy steps

1.If you already have investments - consider transferring them to Trustnet Direct.
  • Benefit from our ongoing retirement planning programme
  • Use our unique tools and planners to get the most out of your investments
  • Profit from our low platform fees of just 0.25% (capped at £200 per annum)
  • Our SIPP and flexi access drawdown facility lets you invest into - and withdraw from your pension fund

2.Pick your own investments, or our ready-made solutions

We also offer: Investment Trusts, Shares and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

You can add any of these individual funds or shares to your basket and then choose which part of your account to wrap them in

3.Choose to invest monthly or in lump sums

Investing monthly is easy and you can set up a direct debit each month from your bank account to your investment account to fund your investments.

Then, all you need to add are the fund and/or shares you want to invest in each month.

You can also invest lump sums into your retirement fund, or transfer your old workplace pensions (not final salary schemes) or other investments to us. Then you can manage your own retirement strategy in one place.

4.Select the tax-efficient vehicle that suits you


Self Invested Personal Pension

Start investing in our self-invested personal pension (SIPP)

+ Tax efficient, low cost
+ You control your own investments

- You pay tax when you access your money
- You cannot access your money until 55


Individual Savings Account

Start investing in our Individual Savings Account (ISA)

+ Access your money at any time
+ You do not pay tax on the proceeds

- Invest from taxed income
- You can only invest £20,000 pa

Account holders should have an ISA already established as part of your investment account, so just click the ISA button in your basket to add an investment to your ISA account

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5.Track your progress

Once you're invested, you can follow your investment progress using our goal tracker in your portfolio, to ensure you're on track to reach your investment goals.

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Build retirement captial over the longer term, within a tax efficient SIPP.

Designed to grow captial over the longer term.



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